Translate You Are Beautiful to Chinese

Saying “You are Beautiful” is an excellent way to strike up a conversation or praise people around you. After all, learning the Chinese language is not only about writing and reading. It can connect you to the vibrant Chinese culture. What’s more, praising someone beautiful might earn you more pretty friends! 

We’ll share how you can say “You are Beautiful” in Chinese. Let’s get rolling! 

“Beautiful” in Chinese

To describe that a girl looks good, we have multiple vocabularies in English. For instance, beautiful, good-looking, pretty, attractive, fabulous, hot, gorgeous, lovely, etc. 

It’s the same in Chinese. The few words to describe beautiful include:

  • 优雅(yōu yǎ) meaning elegant  
  • 可爱(kě ài) meaning cute
  • 清秀(qīng xiù) meaning delicate & pretty
  • 美丽(měi lì) meaning pretty 
  • 漂亮(piào liang) meaning beautiful  
  • 明艳不可方物 (míng yàn bù kě fāng wù) meaning extremely beauty. The beauty and appearance stand out like a powerful light source. It even makes it impossible to see things! 

Just take a glance at the above. They could be too difficult to praise the pretty ladies. Fret-not. Read on to discover more straightforward ways to say “You are Beautiful.” 

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How to say “You are Beautiful” in Chinese

In Chinese, we say “you” as 你(nǐ). The word “are” is typically translated as 是(shì). But it is not in this case. 

We need to translate the “are” with Chinese words that mean “very” or “really.” You can use any words below:

  • 很 (hěn) 
  • 真 (zhēn)
  • 好 (hǎo)

To say “beautiful” in Chinese, we can use a few words below. They are all easy to say, and you can use whichever you think is easier to remember. 

YouAreBeautifulFull Sentence
你 (nǐ) 很 (hěn) /真 (zhēn) /好 (hǎo) 漂亮 (piào liang) 你好漂亮!(nǐ hǎo piào liang)
你 (nǐ) 很 (hěn) /真 (zhēn) /好 (hǎo) 好看 (hǎo kàn) 你真好看!(nǐ zhēn hǎo kàn)
你 (nǐ) 很 (hěn) /真 (zhēn) /好 (hǎo) 美丽 (měi lì) 你很美丽!(nǐ hěn měi lì)
你 (nǐ) 很 (hěn) /真 (zhēn) /好 (hǎo) 美 (měi) 你好美! (nǐ hǎo měi)

These are the simple ways to translate “You are Beautiful” in Chinese. Take note that the words 很 (hěn) / 真 (zhēn) / 好 (hǎo) are interchangable. 

Practice these simple sentences more, so you can compliment someone you like! Or, if you are already in a relationship, you could learn here about “I Love You in Chinese.


Other Chinese Sentences to say “You are Beautiful.”

Not enough with the simple ways? No problem. We have a few more complex sentences you can use to impress the ladies!

1. 你笑起来真好看 (nǐ xiào qǐ lái zhēn hǎo kàn)

The sentence means you are beautiful when you smile. In fact, there is a Chinese song titled with it! Imagine how sweet it is being told this. You can instantly put a smile on her face! 

To break it down, “笑“(xiào) means smile, “起来”(qǐ lái) has the meaning of beginning to. When combined, the word “你笑起来”(nǐ xiào qǐ lái) means that when you begin to smile. 

It is also a rather polite and gentle way to praise someone without being too aggressive. Try using it next time!  

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2. 你好有气质 (nǐ hǎo yǒu qì zhí)

The word 气质 (qì zhí) has the meaning of temperamental. It is telling someone that you are elegant or temperamental. 

This is a more classy way to praise a woman or a lady. You will need a sense of beauty to realize the elegance in them. 

You can tell it to someone you meet at a social event. Look deep into their eyes and say so. They will indeed feel your sincerity.

3. 你的眼睛好好看 (nǐ de yǎn jīng hǎo hǎo kàn) 

This is how you compliment someone with beautiful eyes 眼睛(yǎn jīng). It means that your eyes are beautiful! You can also replace it with mouth 嘴巴(zuǐ bā), which is 你的嘴巴好好看 (nǐ de zuǐ bā hǎo hǎo kàn). 

It is a way to be more particular in your praises, instead of just saying you are beautiful.  

4. 你看起来很像杨幂 (nǐ kàn qǐ lái hěn xiàng Yáng Mì)

If you think that someone resembles a famous female celebrity, you can tell them this. Alternatively, change the name to other celebrities like 迪丽热巴(dí lì rè bā) or 刘亦菲(Liúyìfēi). They will be happy being told to look like these celebrities!

In this case, the word “看起来xxx”(kàn qǐ lái) means someone look xxx, and “像”(xiàng) means similar. If you think it’s too long to learn, you can also say, 你很像杨幂 (nǐ hěn xiàng Yáng Mì), which has a similar meaning. 

5. 你真是沉魚落雁闭月羞花,好漂亮啊!
(nǐ zhēn shi chén yú luò yàn bì yuè xiū huā, hǎo piàoliang a!)

Here comes the way to praise someone in style. This is harder to learn and remember, but it could be another way to impress someone you like! 

It consists of two Chinese idioms here. The idiom 沉魚落雁(chén yú luò yàn) means you are so beautiful, the fishes sink, and geese fall for you. 沉(chén) means to sink, and 魚(yú) means fish. Whereas 落(luò) is to fall, and 雁(yàn) is the goose.

闭月羞花(bì yuè xiū huā) translates to that you are too beautiful that the moon and flower get ashamed or shy! 闭(bì) is to cover or close, and 月(yuè) is the moon. The word 羞(xiū) has the meaning of shy or ashamed, and 花(huā) means the flower. 

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To call someone pretty

If you want an effortless way, just say 美女(měi nǚ) when you see the beautiful ladies. They’d like to be called so! And it isn’t hard to learn, right?

The Chinese people use the word 美女(měi nǚ) in daily life, which means pretty ladies or women. For instance, if a lady enters a store, the staff greets them “Welcome, pretty!” by saying 欢迎光临, 美女! (huān yíng guāng lín, měi nǚ). 

Final Thoughts

Everyone likes to be praised, and saying “You are Beautiful” to ladies could cheer up their day. Note that you mustn’t make it too flirty to scare them away. The Chinese are traditionally shyer, so make sure you say it comfortably and sincerely.

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