Song Lyrics in Chinese

The lyrics in a song are somehow a way to express one’s thoughts. It might be challenging to understand a song just by its rhythm, but its lyrics bring important messages to us. It conveys awareness and brings emotions that we cannot express through words. 

The formation of traditional music in China (without lyrics) can be dated back to the Neolithic age, with the discovery of the bone flute. The songs with lyrics became famous in the Yuan Dynasty, where literature-based music was formed. In Chinese songs, the lyrics are easier to understand as they are very straightforward. 

Hence in today’s article, we would like to introduce some famous songs with the introduction of the songs and the singers. Without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Chinese song #1 

The moon represents my heart – 月亮代表我的心 (Yuèliàng dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn)

If you asked a Chinese person to name a classic song they liked, ‘the moon represents my heart’ would probably be on their list. This song is released by Teresa Teng, born in Taiwan, a legacy singer and performer dubbed as “China’s eternal queen of pop.” It is a recognition song covered by Teresa herself, which became popular in Chinese pop culture. People from many other countries then cover the song in many languages such as Japanese, Korean, English, Indonesian, Burmese, and many other languages. 

The song emphasizes the deep love that the author gives to the other person. It symbolizes an undying love toward our loved ones. People usually listen to this song during the mooncake festival, whereas families and friends admire the full moon together. 

Here are some lyrics found from the song, along with the Pinyin and the English translation:

(nǐ wèn wǒ ài nǐ yǒu duō shēn)
You ask me how deep my love for you is

(wǒ ài nǐ yǒu jǐ fēn)
How much I really love you

(wǒ de qíng yě zhēn)
My affection is real

(wǒ de ài yě zhēn)
My love is real

(yuè liang dài biǎo wǒ de xīn)
The moon represents my heart

Chinese song #2

Little Apple – 小苹果 (Xiǎo píngguǒ)

Little Apple is a song that goes viral with not just the locals but with foreigners. The song has catchy beats and repetitive lyrics, especially in the chorus. The songs are released by Chopstick Brothers, a team consisting of duo singers Wang Taili and Xiao Yang.

It has a repetitive tone that people will get brainwashed after listening to the songs, making it an interesting song to learn Chinese. The song is also a Karaoke classic that people usually sing and get high. 

Below shows the chorus part of the songs, along with the Pinyin and the English translation:

你是我的小呀小苹果儿 怎么爱你都不嫌多
(nǐ shì wǒ de xiǎo ya xiǎo píngguǒr, zěnme ài nǐ dōu bù xiánduō)
You are my little apple, I can never love you too much  

红红的小脸儿温暖我的心窝 点亮我生命的火 火火火火
(hóng hóng de xiǎoliǎnr wēnnuǎn wǒ de xīnwō, diǎnliàng wǒ shēngmìng de huǒ huǒ huǒ huǒ huǒ)
Your red face warms my heart, lighting the fire, fire, fire, fire, fire in my life

你是我的小呀小苹果儿 就像天边最美的云朵
(nǐ shì wǒ de xiǎo ya xiǎo píngguǒr, jiù xiàng tiānbiān zuì měi de yúnduǒ)
You are my little apple, like the most beautiful cloud in the sky  

春天又来到了花开满山坡 种下希望就会收获
(chūntiān yòu láidào le huā kāimǎnshānpō, zhǒngxià xīwàng jiù huì shōuhuò)
Spring arrives again, and flowers bloom all over the mountainside. I reap the hopes that I sowed.

Chinese song #3

A Little Luck – 小幸运 (Xiǎo xìng yùn)

‘A Little Luck’ is a theme song from the 2015 romance movie ‘Our Times’. The film was a high grosser in China. The song’s singer is Hebe Tien, a talented singer and actress that once was a Taiwanese girl group member of S.H.E. 

A Little Luck is a touching song about love and loss. It is a slow-speed song that is easy to understand and is suitable for learning Mandarin. The song reflects the regretful relationship that the couple misses and starts appreciating the relationship after they lost their partner. 

Below are some lyrics, including the Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English translation:

(ài shàng nǐ de shí hòu, hái bù dǒng gǎn qíng)
When I fell in love with you, I didn’t understand my feelings yet

(Lí bié le, cái jué dé kè gǔ míng xīn)
Only after parting did I realize you were unforgettable

(Wèi shén me méi yǒu fā xiàn yù jiàn le nǐ shì shēng mìng zuì hǎo de shì qíng)
Why didn’t I realize that meeting you was the best thing in life?

Chinese song #4
Light Years Away – 光年之外 (Guāng Nián Zhī Wài)

This song is sung by the famous Chinese singer and songwriter G.E.M. incorporated with the movie ‘Passengers.’ The movie is about the love between two passengers that try to save people’s lives on a spacecraft that carries thousands of people. Light Years Away is the fastest music video by a Chinese female singer to hit 100 million views on Youtube. 

Light Years Away is a song that describes the overwhelming love for the other person. The opening melody brings out a feeling of emptiness in outer space, incorporated with the movie’s storyline. 

Here is part of the lyrics that come along with the Pinyin and English translation:

(yuán fèn ràng wǒ men xiāng yù luàn shì yǐ wài)
Fate had us meet outside a chaotic world

(Mìng yùn què yào wǒmen wéi nàn zhōng xiāng ài)
Destiny made us fall in love in the middle of danger

(Yě xǔ wèi lái yáo yuǎn zài guāng nián zhī wài)
Maybe in the future, far beyond light years

(wǒ yuàn shǒu hòu wèi zhī li wèi nǐ děng dài)
I am willing to guard an unknown location, waiting for you.

Final Words

Many other songs are famous in the Chinese song industry. I hope that the few listings of Chinese lyrics here excite you to improve your Chinese language further. 

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