Cool Chinese Words

Cool Chinese words consist of many Chinese slang words widely used in Chinese cultures. You can hardly obtain these words from textbooks or classrooms. What’s more, people are constantly updating it online. It may not be easy to learn, but mastering them makes you sound cool in real-world Chinese!  To make things easier, we’ve put … Read more

Chinese Folktales You Need to Know

China is a place of long history, and long history creates many legends. Some of them explain popular phenomena in nature (like animal behavior) meanwhile others deal with the creation of universe and men. There are also some that talk about inventions and how the life of humanity was made easier thanks to some brave … Read more

Famous Chinese Singers You Need to Know

Music is a great tool to elevate our mood and reduce stress. But do you know, it has other benefits for language learners? In fact, listening to music allows you to gain vocabulary and know the Chinese culture in-depth. You can learn everyday Chinese and understand how to use the words. Besides watching Chinese movies … Read more

Chinese Movies on Netflix

It is not easy to be persistent when learning a new language. Without continuous motivation, new language learners might quit after the first year of learning. That’s why you need exciting ways in learning to keep you motivated.  Researches have shown that watching movies is beneficial for language learners. So, we are sharing some Chinese … Read more

Chinese Puns

What are puns? A pun is a type of jokes that exploits a different possible meaning of a word; in short, puns are homophonic jokes. They are very common in Mandarin because Chinese is full of homonyms: words that sound the same but have a different meaning. In ancient Chinese many words had very different … Read more

Directions in Chinese

Directions are an essential topic in any language. Today, let’s see how to properly talk about directions in Mandarin. Four main directions (方向 fāngxiàng): 北 běi – north 东 dōng – east 南 nán – south 西 xī – east As you may know, Chinese loves two-syllable words and avoids single syllable words. This is … Read more

Translate You Are Beautiful to Chinese

Saying “You are Beautiful” is an excellent way to strike up a conversation or praise people around you. After all, learning the Chinese language is not only about writing and reading. It can connect you to the vibrant Chinese culture. What’s more, praising someone beautiful might earn you more pretty friends!  We’ll share how you … Read more

Bad Words in Chinese

We always teach proper and common Chinese words on our Chinse blog. But today, we thought you might want to know a bit of Chinese bad words. These are some words that teachers don’t teach, yet the Chinese use them very often.  It is essential to learn some insults, so people don’t take advantage of … Read more

Funny Chinese Words

Learning a new language is often challenging yet fun. It all depends on how you look at it and how you learn it. Undeniably, the Chinese language is the most complex language to learn. But, it is also among the most interesting ones! Today, let’s learn some funny Chinese words related to animals. You’ll find … Read more

Pinyin vs Mandarin

What is pinyin? Pinyin is a standardized transcription of Mandarin to Latin alphabet, meanwhile Mandarin is the official language of the People’s Republic of China. It is certain that you have seen pinyin in your life, especially if you started learning Chinese: it is an extremely useful tool for Chinese learners. Many new students of … Read more