Master WeChat: Registration and Usage Guide 2023


Wechat 微信 (wēi xìn) has become China’s biggest social media app. It is developed by Tencent in China and has over a billion active users. However, things get tricky if a foreigner wants to sign up for WeChat. This article will show you how to register and use WeChat. Here you go!

Before you get started… 

Before you begin the WeChat registration procedure, keep in mind that you must supply a valid phone number. WeChat registration is not possible using a Facebook account, a QQ number, or an email address. 

You won’t see the WeChat app listed if you’re in a country where WeChat is restricted, such as India. In such nations, you can use a VPN to connect to a server in your chosen country by changing the country in the App or Play store. 

You can only update your location once a year on the Play Store. If you don’t want to change the location, you can download an APK file instead. Note that APK files downloaded from untrustworthy sources can infect your phone with malware.

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How to Sign Up for Wechat

1. Download and Install WeChat

WeChat is available for download via the Play Store or the App Store. Search the shop for WeChat, select it in the results, and click the “install” button. When using an IOS phone, you should press the “get” button. 

2. Click ‘Sign Up’ and Insert your Detail

Launch WeChat after installing it and click the “sign up” option. Fill up your information on the next screen, including your name, region, phone number, and password. You can use a fake identity, but for WeChat verification, you must provide a valid phone number. Also, keep in mind that you can only have one WeChat account per phone number.

3. Agreement on the Terms of Service

After you’ve provided all of your information, click “sign up” and check the box next to “accept terms of service.”

4. Verify your WeChat account

After that, you must verify your WeChat account. You may complete the security verification process here. The first part is similar to a CAPTCHA in that you must drag a puzzle piece from one side of the screen to the other. The friend verification stage is more difficult because you might not have any WeChat friends, especially if you aren’t in China.

How Do I Verify My WeChat Account without Friends?

Any existing WeChat user can verify a new WeChat account. However, to validate your account, they must meet specific requirements as below:

  1. Signed up for Wechat more than six months ago.
  2. Has not verified other WeChat users in the past month.
  3. Has not been blocked in the past month.
  4. Activated mobile payment app – WeChat Pay 微信支付 (wēi xìn zhī fù) developed by Wechat if the friend is in China.

Even if all conditions are met, WeChat may refuse to activate your account. Nobody knows why some accounts are declined even after verification. But, to increase your chances of approval, you should contact a friend in Mainland China to verify your account. Finding a China Mainland user may be difficult for an international user, but it does assist.

When you find someone, you must offer them your QR code so that they can verify you. Unfortunately, there is minimal possibility that you will be able to access WeChat unless you finish this process.

However, customers have noted that contacting the WeChat support team helps in some situations. Users report that contacting the support staff in Chinese is good, while messages submitted in English take longer to get responses. Some people even said that some messages might not receive any response at all.

Reaching out to kind people on online forums like Reddit and asking them if they’re ready to verify your WeChat account is an uncommon technique to gain WeChat clearance. If you locate someone, simply share your verification code with them, and you’re good to go.


1. Can Foreigners Register on WeChat?

Foreigners can join up for a free account, but an existing WeChat user must validate their account. Of course, WeChat is not available in every country. You won’t be able to download WeChat from the App or Play Store if you live in a country where it is prohibited, such as India.

2. How Do I Join WeChat Without a Friend?

You might try contacting WeChat support to get past the verification stage. However, in most circumstances, this strategy does not work. You can also ask someone on an online forum whether they are prepared to verify your WeChat account.

3. How Do I Join WeChat Outside of China?

Much of the process remains the same if you are not in China. Install WeChat on your device and select the “sign up” option. Then, enter all of the information and continue with the process. This part is challenging because you’ll need to ask a WeChat user to validate your account. You will have created the account once a WeChat user verifies it.

4. Is It Possible for WeChat to Spy on Your Phone?

Yes, WeChat can spy on your phone. According to a Citizen Lab investigation, WeChat also spies on foreigners to send data to its machine-learning system, which is then used to restrict content in Mainland China.

Final Thoughts

WeChat can be beneficial if you need to communicate with friends or colleagues who frequently use it. But, you cannot simply download WeChat and begin using it. Because of the security verification requirements, signing up for a WeChat account can be time-consuming, especially if you are not in China. If you do sign up, we recommend using a VPN to protect yourself.

I hope this article will give you information on registering and downloading Wechat. Have you registered a WeChat account from outside of China? Let us know if you face any problems signing up for WeChat! 

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