Chinese Cinema Spotlight: Netflix’s Best in 2023

It is not easy to be persistent when learning a new language. Without continuous motivation, new language learners might quit after the first year of learning. That’s why you need exciting ways in learning to keep you motivated. 

Researches have shown that watching movies is beneficial for language learners. So, we are sharing some Chinese movies on Netflix you can watch to improve your Chinese language fast. Let’s get rolling!

Benefits of Learning Chinese from Movies

Watching movies is a fast and fun way to learn a new language. By immersing in the film for at least an hour, you can gain vocabulary fast. The protagonists and plots are also realistic demonstrations of using the words correctly. 

Needless to say, you can also enhance your Chinese language listening skills. It is because you are continuously listening and getting familiar with various accents of the native speakers. You can also study Chinese people’s body language when speaking in different situations.

When you’ve already acquired more vocabulary and auditory input, your speaking skill will improve too. One of the fastest ways to pick up speaking skills is to mimic their accents and how they use the words. 

Learning languages should be fun and immersive, and that’s what a Chinese movie can give to you. You’ll be able to study and have a better understanding of Chinese culture. Last but not least, watching Chinese movies turns dull reading into fun learning. That’s how you can keep up your motivation in learning Chinese! 

The 5 Best Chinese Movies on Netflix 

New Gods: Nezha Reborn (2021) /

新神榜:哪吒重生 (Xīn shén bǎng: Nǎ zhā chóng shēng)

This is a 3D animated fantasy action Chinese movie in 2021. Many are confused if it is the continuation of the Ne Zha (2019) movie, but it is not. The director has revived many famous Chinese mythology characters with thrilling supernatural power. You’ll also find wonderful music and liveliness effect throughout the film.

The plot revolves around the reincarnation of Nezha in the fictional city of Donghai. He needs to resolve his 3,000 years of resentment with the Dragon Clan. Aside from all the battles, Nezha Reborn is also an emotional movie that explores the life meaning of the protagonist.

This movie is a gratifying and rich Chinese movie on Netflix, not just about animated martial arts. It’s worth a weekend movie time with your family and friends with its gripping and engaging plots. 

New Gods: Nezha Reborn (2021)

The Wandering Earth (2019) /

流浪地球 (liú làng dì qiú)

The Wandering Earth is the fourth highest-grossing China film with a $699million gross globally. The movie portrays the internationalist spirit by showing different cultures in one movie. You’ll find several languages spoken by the actors. Among all, Mandarin, English, Russian, and French are the most common ones. 

The Earth people are building huge thrusters to shift the Earth to a new star system in the long future. It is because the aging Sun is expanding and will soon collide with Jupiter. It is a frequently breathless movie, but the subtitles might be too fast for English speakers.

This science-fiction movie isn’t about the sensational storyline. Still, it is definitely worth watching for its excellent CGI disaster scenes and it being a blockbuster extravaganza. 

The Stolen Years (2013)

Animal World: Mr. Nobody (2018) / 

动物世界 (dòng wù shì jiè)

This is a Chinese action-adventure film based on the manga Kaiji. The game is simple as rock, paper, and scissors, but the actings are brilliant. Besides nicely timed and exciting staging, it has good suspense and a thrilling storyline. 

In this movie, Zheng KaiSi has a low-salary job and is deep in debt to pay his mother’s medical bills. He is forced to board a ship and participate in a risky gambling party. The movie also involves many races and spoken languages that add more exciting cultures.

You’ll find visually pleasing scenes and intrigued games in this movie. It is a good show you can find among the Netflix Chinese movies. 

Animal World: Mr. Nobody (2018)

Rise of the Legend (2014) / 

黄飞鸿之英雄有梦 (huáng fēi hóng zhī yīng xióng yǒu mèng)

Rise of the Legend is a Chinese action kung-fu movie. It uses the name of the famous China kung-fu master Wong Fei Hung, but the background story is not related to him.

The movie tells about the life adaptation of a martial arts legend, Wong Fei Hung. His father was killed by dark power, and Wong tries to bring back justice to his village. Throughout the movie, you can feel enough of deception, intrigue, philosophies, and romance. 

It is both an entertaining and relevant action period film. Despite the heavy CGI and martial arts scenes, the overall video choreography is excellent. It is a wonderful Chinese movie on Netflix you can spend your holiday on. 

Rise of the Legend (2014)

The Stolen Years (2013) / 

被偷走的那五年 (bèi tōu zǒu dì nà wǔ nián)

The Stolen Years is also called 被偷走的那五年, meaning the stolen five years. It is a dramatic and romantic movie with a cruel but realistic plot twist that drove many to tears.

He-Mann (Bai Baihe) has lost five years of memories after encountering an accident. She wants to discover why she is divorced from her husband and what happened to her off-track life. It is an easy movie to watch as it engages without being showy and emotes without exaggerating. 

This heart-wrenching movie is an excellent choice to watch with your beloved one. You’ll get a roller coaster of emotions arising from the chemistry of the two leads.

The Stolen Years (2013)

Final Thoughts

Watching movies could help improve your Chinese. With better fluency in Chinese, you can then watch more interesting Chinese films! The saying is that do what you love, and more things you love will come to you. 

We understand that learning the Chinese language is not as easy as just watching movies. That’s where Maayot comes in – we teach you Chinese by sharing bite-size stories daily! You can also look at our other blog posts to read some fun Chinese articles: