Tap Into the Chinese Discord Universe

Do you often feel lonely and unmotivated in your path of learning Chinese? We know how difficult it is to learn a foreign language without a fully immersive environment.

Or is it?

Nowadays, many channels help you find people with similar aims and passions, and Discord is one of them. We’re going to introduce this platform that will definitely help you with learning Chinese. Let’s dive in!

How can Discord Help Me Learn Chinese?

Discord is a chat program initially made for gamers to interact. It has since evolved into a platform for various like-minded people to get together, discuss their interests and make new friends. Numerous servers are available on Discord, including servers for Chinese learners.

A Discord server can be divided into multiple topic-based channels. You can discuss different topics in the respective channels without clogging up a group chat. For example, there could be a channel focusing on Q&A and another for casual chatting. 

Besides, there are also voice channels available on a Discord server. In these channels, you can video call other members on the server. It gives you an excellent opportunity to practice your speaking and listening skills.

Overall, Discord servers are beneficial for learning Chinese. There are so many handy functions, and you can meet online friends from all around the world. Some native Chinese speakers will help you with any problems you encounter. You might also find other Chinese learners with whom you can match your study pace.

How to Join Discord?

The good news is – it’s completely free to use Discord.

You can download the software on your computer, tablet, or phone or just open it on your browser.

For your phone or tablet, it’s easy. Go onto Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for “Discord,” and install the app. If you want to install the software on your computer, just go to their webpage and click “Download for Windows/Linux/Mac.” After that, the software will guide you in registering for your account.

If you don’t want to install the software, it’s totally fine too. To register for an account, you can visit this link. Just follow the instructions provided, and it’ll be done in no time.

After setting up your Discord account, it’s time to join a Discord server. First, click on “Explore Public Servers.” You can see various categories, including gaming, music, education, and more. To filter out the more “casual” servers, click on “Education.” Then, type “Chinese” in the search bar. 

You will instantly see some related Discord servers pop up. Click on the server you’re interested in joining, and you’ll enter a preview mode where you can browse through the server first before officially joining as a member. 

Then, click on the “Join <Server Name>” banner on the top if you want to join this server. Now, you’re officially a member. Go on, introduce yourself and start interacting with the other members!

Most servers will provide a “beginner’s guide” for new members to get around the server. Read their instructions carefully and be sure to follow their rules and regulations! 

Top 5 Discord Servers to Learn Chinese

Unsure of which servers to join? Here, we’ve provided you with a list of reliable servers for you to improve your Chinese!

1. 中英交流 Chinese-English Language Exchange

With nearly 25,000 members, this should be the first server that appears in your search results. 

This server aims to allow Chinese and English learners to interact. In this server, there are native Chinese speakers who want to learn English and English speakers who want to learn Chinese. Therefore, this language exchange server is an absolute win-win situation.

In this server, you can:

  • Find a specific language partner to practice with.
  • Chat only in Chinese, with various channels catering to your level of proficiency.
  • Ask questions related to Chinese learning.
  • Find Chinese learning resources.
  • Learn other Chinese dialects such as Cantonese, Hokkien, and more.

2. /r/ChineseLanguage

This server has almost 30,000 members! It also serves a similar purpose to the previous server but focuses more on learning Chinese. There are numerous functions in this server:

  • Find a language partner.
  • Chat in Chinese.
  • Find learning resources and ask questions.
  • Take part in various Chinese-related challenges and activities, such as pronunciation, writing, and translation challenges, as well as watch parties.
  • Join discussions on other topics like games, music, food, books, etc.

3. Learn Mandarin – 学中文

It is a slightly smaller server, with only about 6,500 members. Here, you can search for like-minded language partners. You can also chat in Chinese based on your level (beginners have a separate channel from the general one). Learning resources are also provided.

Other Chinese-related activities are held here, too, including word solitaire, idiom-of-the-day, word-of-the-day, and more. You can also join in discussions on Chinese culture and linguistics.

4. Chinese Plus

This server has nearly 2,500 members. Although it’s pretty small compared to the others, it also serves its purpose of helping people learn Chinese and English.

What can you do here? Many learning resources are available, including grammar notes and app recommendations. You can also chat in Chinese, English, or Cantonese on various channels. Channels for casual topics like music, movies, and art are also provided.

Fun fact: it also has a channel that helps you create and decide on your Chinese name! You can ask for people’s opinions there.

5. Practice Your Language

It is a huge server with almost 30,000 members. However, it’s not specially made for Chinese learners. Instead, it is a language learning server for nearly all the commonly used languages worldwide. 

The Chinese language, in particular, has three channels: general, questions, and voice calls. Besides, there is a channel that contains a long resource list for all the languages. Searching for a language partner is also an available function in this server.


All in all, joining a Discord server is an effective way to push you to learn Chinese in a non-Chinese environment. You just have to be bold and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The common goal of learning languages joins everyone on the server, so you don’t have to worry about people making fun of your mistakes! They’ll be only too happy to correct you and give you suggestions on how to improve.

However, remember to follow good social etiquette while communicating with others. Also, be sure to protect your privacy. Good luck making new friends on Discord! If you want to learn the Chinese language in a fun and easy way, subscribe to Maayot! We have interesting articles below for you: