NMSL Meaning in Chinese

One day, your Chinese friends ask you to create a profile on some Chinese site. You log in, surf the site, and you realize one problem… You can’t understand anything!  Welcome to the realm of internet slang in China. There is one thing you should know, the internet nowadays is filled with Chinese internet slang. … Read more

在 – How to Use It (Grammar)

Chinese is a quite challenging yet interesting language to learn. It is spoken by 70 percent of all Chinese speakers and getting more popular. Many people find it useful to learn as it can be used to communicate with Chinese people and it helps us in education.  However, it is also difficult to learn because … Read more

What in Chinese 

Chinese is now a widely used and highly developed language in the world. It is becoming more and more international. You can also find the invisible impacts of Chinese in many countries and fields. For instance, politics, diplomacy, economy, trade, education, culture, science and technology, and tourism. Many learners all over the world have an … Read more

Food and Drink Vocabularies in Chinese

When we talk about food and drinks, what comes to your mind first? Is it a hot bowl of rice or noodles? Or is it some delicious food in our daily life?  Foods are universal because they can represent the local condition and the characteristics of a country or an area. We have a desire … Read more

Happy Birthday in Chinese

Birthday is one of the most exciting days throughout the year for most people, and China is no exception. It is a special occasion in everyone’s life that doesn’t not only represent the birth of a person but also a mother’s suffering day. Today, we will introduce the phrases commonly used by the Chinese about … Read more

Ways to Say OK in Chinese

We all know Chinese is notoriously difficult to learn but is it really? The truth is, if you only aim to get around with day-to-day conversations, it really isn’t that hard. You can start with some simple phrases and vocabulary, try to understand their various uses while learning some basic grammar and sentence structures along … Read more

Chinese Love Quotes

Chinese people have many sayings handed down from the old times. Among them, Chinese love quotes are sweet sayings to use for weddings. You can use these love quotes for lovey-dovey conversations with your Chinese beloved – if you have one.  In this post, I’ll share some famous Chinese love proverbs with their meanings. Let’s … Read more

Cool Chinese Words

Cool Chinese words consist of many Chinese slang words widely used in Chinese cultures. You can hardly obtain these words from textbooks or classrooms. What’s more, people are constantly updating it online. It may not be easy to learn, but mastering them makes you sound cool in real-world Chinese!  To make things easier, we’ve put … Read more

Chinese Puns

What are puns? A pun is a type of jokes that exploits a different possible meaning of a word; in short, puns are homophonic jokes. They are very common in Mandarin because Chinese is full of homonyms: words that sound the same but have a different meaning. In ancient Chinese many words had very different … Read more

Directions in Chinese

Directions are an essential topic in any language. Today, let’s see how to properly talk about directions in Mandarin. Four main directions (方向 fāngxiàng): 北 běi – north 东 dōng – east 南 nán – south 西 xī – east As you may know, Chinese loves two-syllable words and avoids single syllable words. This is … Read more