5 Best Chinese Roku Channels in 2023

Roku is a great streaming device that changed the way we use TV by just connecting it to Wi-Fi. Roku added multiple features on our old good TV that allow us to adapt other streaming services like YouTube or Netflix, as long as other channels from all over the world.  Learning Chinese is very easy … Read more

Simplified vs Traditional Chinese: A Closer Look

When people start to learn Chinese, they will find that there are two types of Chinese in terms of writing—traditional and simplified Chinese. Then the next question is that which one should I learn? In this article, we will discuss some of the background of simplified and traditional Chinese, explore the differences between them. Hope … Read more

Mandarin vs Cantonese Differences

Cantonese and Mandarin are dialects of the Chinese language and are both spoken in China. They are two related languages and share the same base alphabet. But as a spoken language they are distinct and have some major differences that depend on variety of aspects. In today’s post, we are going to take a close … Read more

Celebrate With Wisdom: Chinese New Year Sayings to Learn

Chinese New Year is coming soon! It’s time to learn some Chinese New Year sayings (新年吉祥话, xīn nián jí xiáng huà) and visit your Chinese friends! Here we list several Chinese New Year expressions along with examples. Let’s find out! Three sections has been written below:– 十二生肖 (shí èr shēng xiāo, 12 Symbolic Animals)– Chinese … Read more

Cultural Roots: Tracing Common Chinese Surnames

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Chinese Wit: A Compilation of Popular Jokes

You may have come across some Chinese jokes that you do not fully understand. Do you know most of them are related to Chinese traditional customs or Chinese slang words? Here are 8 funny Chinese jokes to give you a brief picture of Chinese society. By the way, you can learn lots of famous Chinese … Read more

The Fun Art of Creating and Using Chinese Nicknames

Want to get a Chinese nickname for yourself? Do you know how Chinese people give a nickname for their kids, colleagues, friends or spouse? What do you need to avoid when getting a Chinese nickname? Some examples of Chinese nicknames (昵称, nì chēng) are shown below. They are categorised by different types of people – … Read more

Stretch Your Chinese: 15 Interesting Tongue Twisters

Note: You may discover an audio version of this blog article on your favorite podcast provider. Struggle with the four tunes in Chinese, ā á ǎ à? You can’t help but pause at the moment you have a Chinese word like “自己” (zì jǐ) or “出租车” (chū zū chē)? Want to speak clearly and fluently … Read more

Daily Conversation Highlights: Useful Chinese Chengyu

Have you heard of Chinese Chengyu before? Only 4 Chinese characters to express a big idea? Do you know what Chengyu the Chinese people frequently use in their daily life? If not, it’s time for you to find out! What is Chengyu (成语, chéng yǔ) ? Chengyu are a type of Chinese idioms, which mostly … Read more