2023’s Top Picks: Best Dictionaries for Chinese Stroke Order

Learning Chinese characters can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Understanding stroke order is crucial for proper character formation and effective writing. Fortunately, there are several stroke order dictionaries available online that can assist learners in mastering this essential aspect of Chinese language acquisition. In this article, we will explore three highly recommended stroke order dictionaries—Hanzi Grid, YellowBridge, and Skritter—and compare their features, usability, and overall effectiveness. By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of the best options to enhance your stroke order learning journey.

I. The Importance of Stroke Order in Chinese Character Writing

To appreciate the significance of stroke order dictionaries, it’s essential to understand why stroke order matters in Chinese character writing. Chinese characters are composed of various strokes, each drawn in a specific order. Adhering to the correct stroke order ensures proper character balance, consistency, and legibility. Additionally, mastering stroke order facilitates character recognition and aids in memorization. By using stroke order dictionaries, learners can develop a solid foundation in character writing and enhance their overall language proficiency.

II. Key Considerations When Choosing a Stroke Order Dictionary

Before delving into the specific stroke order dictionaries, it’s crucial to be aware of the key factors to consider when making your selection. These considerations will help you determine which dictionary best aligns with your learning needs and preferences. Some important aspects to evaluate include:

  1. Accuracy and Reliability: Look for dictionaries that provide accurate and reliable stroke order information based on established standards. An incorrect stroke order can lead to confusion and affect your ability to read and write characters correctly.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Opt for dictionaries with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that facilitate easy navigation and quick access to stroke order animations and explanations. A well-designed interface enhances your learning experience and efficiency.
  3. Additional Learning Resources: Consider whether the dictionary offers supplementary resources such as pronunciation guides, definitions, example sentences, and character decomposition. These resources can deepen your understanding of Chinese characters and aid in language comprehension.
  4. Customization and Adaptability: Assess whether the dictionary allows for customization and adaptability to cater to different learning needs and proficiency levels. A flexible tool can accommodate beginners as well as more advanced learners.

III. Comparative Review of Stroke Order Dictionaries

Now, let’s dive into the comparative review of three highly regarded stroke order dictionaries: Hanzi Grid, YellowBridge, Skritter and MDBG. We will examine their features, usability, strengths, and weaknesses to help you make an informed decision based on your individual learning requirements.

Hanzi Grid: Customizable Grid Layout for Precise Practice

Hanzi Grid is a popular choice for learners seeking a customizable grid layout for practicing stroke order. With Hanzi Grid, you can generate grid templates that match your specific handwriting preferences. This allows for precise practice and mastery of stroke order. The platform also offers a variety of pre-made practice sheets and worksheets that cover commonly used characters, making it an excellent resource for systematic learning.


  • Extensive character database to accommodate various learning needs
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and quick access to stroke order information
  • Customizable grid layout for practicing writing skills


  • Limited additional learning resources beyond stroke order animations and explanations
  • Access to advanced features may require a subscription

YellowBridge: Comprehensive Resources for Holistic Understanding

YellowBridge is renowned for its comprehensive approach to Chinese character learning. While it offers various language-learning tools, it also provides a robust stroke order dictionary. The dictionary offers stroke order animations and explanations for thousands of characters, ensuring a clear understanding of proper writing techniques. Additionally, YellowBridge offers pronunciation guides, character etymology, example sentences, and other resources that contribute to a holistic understanding of Chinese characters.


  • Comprehensive features, including pronunciation guides, definitions, and example sentences
  • Character decomposition for deeper comprehension of character components
  • Basic features accessible for free, allowing users to explore the platform without cost


  • Interface may feel overwhelming for beginners due to the abundance of information
  • Premium subscription required to access certain advanced features

Skritter: Interactive Learning Tools for Enhanced Retention

Skritter is a unique stroke order dictionary that combines stroke order learning with interactive language learning tools. With its user-friendly interface, Skritter allows you to practice stroke order through writing exercises and quizzes. The platform utilizes spaced repetition and adaptive learning algorithms to reinforce your stroke order knowledge and enhance retention. Skritter also offers vocabulary lists and example sentences to integrate character writing practice with language learning.


  • Real-time stroke order feedback for immediate correction and improvement
  • Spaced repetition system for optimized learning and long-term retention
  • Handwriting recognition feature enhances accuracy and provides detailed feedback


  • Subscription-based model, with limited access to features in the free version
  • Primarily focuses on character writing, may not offer as many resources for other language skills

MDBG: A Comprehensive Language Tool and Stroke Order Dictionary

MDBG is a comprehensive online Chinese dictionary that also offers stroke order animations as part of its feature set. While primarily focused on providing dictionary and translation services, MDBG includes stroke order information for Chinese characters. Users can look up characters, view their stroke order animations, and learn the correct writing sequence. Although not as specialized as dedicated stroke order dictionaries, MDBG is a valuable resource for learners who want to access stroke order information alongside other language tools.


  • Comprehensive Chinese dictionary and translation services
  • Includes stroke order animations for Chinese characters
  • Offers a wide range of additional language tools and resources


  • Not specifically designed as a dedicated stroke order dictionary
  • Not as interactive or customizable for active writing practice

Comparing the Stroke Order Dictionaries

When comparing these stroke order dictionaries, it’s important to consider factors such as accuracy, user-friendliness, additional learning resources, and customization options. Hanzi Grid stands out for its customizable grid layout, providing precise practice opportunities. YellowBridge offers comprehensive resources for a holistic understanding of Chinese characters. Skritter combines stroke order learning with interactive tools for enhanced retention. MDBG excels in its user-friendly interface and efficiency.


Selecting the right stroke order dictionary is essential for mastering the art of Chinese character writing. Hanzi Grid, YellowBridge, Skritter, and MDBG each offer unique features and advantages. Hanzi Grid provides customizable grids for precise practice, YellowBridge offers comprehensive resources, Skritter combines stroke order learning with interactive tools, and MDBG focuses on user-friendliness and efficiency.

Consider your individual learning needs and preferences when choosing a stroke order dictionary. Experiment with free trials or demos to find the dictionary that aligns best with your learning style. By utilizing these recommended stroke order dictionaries, you can improve your character writing skills, enhance language proficiency, and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese characters. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of these online tools and embark on a journey of mastering stroke order in Chinese characters. With dedication, practice, and the right resources, you’ll become a proficient writer of Chinese characters.

Start exploring the world of stroke order dictionaries today, including Hanzi Grid, YellowBridge, Skritter, and MDBG. Each of these tools offers unique features and benefits to help you master stroke order and improve your Chinese character writing skills. Whether you prefer a simple and straightforward dictionary or an interactive language learning platform, there is an option that suits your needs. Dive into the world of stroke order dictionaries and enhance your Chinese language journey. Happy learning!

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