Where Is Mandarin Spoken?

Mandarin is the official language of Mainland China. However, with China being an economic giant globally, the language has spread far and wide. Not only neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore speak Mandarin, but other continents too. Besides that, a vast Chinese population lives abroad in countries like the US and the UK. It … Read more

到 – How to use it Grammar

Chinese is the world’s most widely spoken language. You will meet native Chinese speakers all over the world, as the language has over one billion speakers.  Why should you learn Chinese? That’s because it’s a surefire way to increase your career opportunities. China will play a significant role in world events in the future, so … Read more

去 – How To Use It

Chinese is arguably one of the most complicated languages to learn. However, it is actually an interesting language to learn. That is why it is the most spoken language in the world. Now, around 1.3 billion people in the world speak Chinese. The Chinese language dated back 6000 years ago. Its characters have evolved from … Read more

就 – How to use it Grammar

Nowadays, Chinese has been learned by over 40 million foreigners worldwide. Not only that, an expected 100 million foreigners will be learning Chinese within the next few years. Why there are so many people get interested in Chinese? It is because Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Learning Chinese will help you … Read more

了 – How To Use It 

Chinese is quite challenging yet a fascinating language to learn. More people learn Chinese today as it helps in daily conversation or education. Well, it is getting popular now. Today, before we dive into our topic, let’s have some fun.  “我吃了饭了。” Look at this sentence. Are you thinking why there are two “了” in one … Read more

在 – How to Use It (Grammar)

Chinese is a quite challenging yet interesting language to learn. It is spoken by 70 percent of all Chinese speakers and getting more popular. Many people find it useful to learn as it can be used to communicate with Chinese people and it helps us in education.  However, it is also difficult to learn because … Read more

What in Chinese 

Chinese is now a widely used and highly developed language in the world. It is becoming more and more international. You can also find the invisible impacts of Chinese in many countries and fields. For instance, politics, diplomacy, economy, trade, education, culture, science and technology, and tourism. Many learners all over the world have an … Read more

Jianbing (煎饼) Recipe

Jianbing (煎饼) is probably the most iconic Chinese street food. Although its home province is Shandong, you can see it in breakfast stalls all around the country. According to historical records, in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, Shandong people started to use a griddle to make pancakes. Millet, corn, wheat, sorghum, sweet potatoes, … Read more

Food and Drink Vocabularies in Chinese

When we talk about food and drinks, what comes to your mind first? Is it a hot bowl of rice or noodles? Or is it some delicious food in our daily life?  Foods are universal because they can represent the local condition and the characteristics of a country or an area. We have a desire … Read more

Happy Birthday in Chinese

Birthday is one of the most exciting days throughout the year for most people, and China is no exception. It is a special occasion in everyone’s life that doesn’t not only represent the birth of a person but also a mother’s suffering day. Today, we will introduce the phrases commonly used by the Chinese about … Read more