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Drilling new characters doesn’t work, simple. That’s what research shows.
Learn characters as they are used by native Chinese speakers, in context.

An enjoyable story, with only a few new characters every day.
Test your reading comprehension with our daily quiz.
From home or on the go, access your daily dose of learning.
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Don't know a character?
Click on it for its meaning.
Learn new characters in context with example sentences.
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An engaging story and a pleasent learning experience with one-tap character definition, comprehension quiz, writing prompts and more.

Listen to the day's story as you read it with a professional recording by native speakers.
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Ron B.
I love reading a new story each day with my morning coffee.
Erik M.
These are things that I can't get with any other program, where most others don't go any deeper into the language comprehension than just the meaning of words.
Roy Z.
I really appreciate your work and these stories!
Debra D.
Ressources I've been using to learn Chinese tended to be quite stale, and rather boring. maayot is a great for me to stay up-to-speed.
Karina H.
The best thing about how maayot teaches Chinese is how it shows a word or phrase's application in everyday speaking, and also gives insight into the ways in which language is refined for everyday conversation.
Sam K.
Getting every day a short text, along with a few new characters and grammar patterns has been tremendously helpful.
Marina L.
Such an underrated tool for learning Chinese; really one of my go-to for daily reading practice. Keep up the good work!
Tomas P.
It's the first thing I read in the morning before starting my day.
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